Vanilla Networks

You may have heard talk of vanilla networks and wondered what exactly they are.  In the simplest terms, a Vanilla network is a standard Microsoft network without the management tools included with proprietary network solutions such as Ranger, RM CC4 and Viglen Classlink (to name but a few)

Running a Vanilla network in a school 10 years ago would have been a very challenging prospect; however the proliferation of good quality, reasonably priced management tools available today means it can now be considered a realistic option.

If Vanilla is your network of choice here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Transition to a ‘Vanilla’ solution
  • Access to simple tools for managing clients
  • Custom build images for PCs
  • Software Package building
  • Virtual CD Support
  • Training


  • Cheaper - no additional licensing costs for PCs and Servers
  • Less restrictive to modify
  • Capable of performing better on older hardware


  • Can require greater management
  • Requires greater levels of technical expertise at the school
  • Easier to 'over develop'