Our Services

We offer two distinct services based on the requirements of the two most common setups found in schools:

Service 1 would typically suit a primary school where there is a part-time technician or possibly no technician at all.

Service 2 would typically suit a secondary school where you would expect to find a Network Manager heading a small team.

Most schools will immediately identify with one of these situations. A brief summary of what's included in both services can be found below - everything you see here is included in our annual subscription, we don't believe in hidden extras so anything we don't include is stated clearly on our full Service Summary which can be made available via email.

If you feel your School's requirements don't fit neatly into either of these service descriptions please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your individual situation.

Service 1

Typical of Primary Phase Schools

Primary Phase schools are typified by having minimal (if any) technical staff - this service provides a full Network Management Service with all the trimmings at a fraction of the cost of employing someone of a similar skill level on a full-time basis.

The following is a broad overview of the key service points, all of which are included in the annual subscription cost:

  • Software Package Building for unattended installs
  • Installation & Commissioning Services (PCs & Servers, Hardware & Software)
  • Web-based Helpdesk for staff to log faults and track progress
  • Full support for hardware and drivers
  • Installation of Service Packs and Windows Updates
  • Anti-virus support
  • Backups and Disaster recovery
  • Management Information (lifecycle program, annual network review)
  • Forty hours per year on-site support (term time)
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Proactive Planned Maintenance and Support
  • Admin Network Support
  • Print Management
  • Remote Access for Staff
  • “Middle Man” Services (dealing with 3rd party contracts on your behalf)

Service 2

Typical of Secondary Phase Schools

As Secondary Phase schools usually employ a full time Network Manager who oversees a small ICT Support team, a full Network Management Service would therefore be unnecessary. To a Primary school, having a team of skilled on-site technicians sounds like the ideal existence; however these teams are often working at their absolute maximum due to the scale of the networks they have to manage.

This service provides extra capacity and additional expertise to ensure service continuity on all fronts. Below are some of the key service points all of which are included in the yearly subscription:

  • Second and Third line support services
  • Additional Support for periods of Short Term Sick Leave and Annual Leave
  • Assistance with Planning, Installation & Commissioning Services (Servers, Hardware & Software)
  • Web-based Helpdesk for technical staff to log faults and track progress