RM CC3 & CC4

RM is the pioneer in the UK for providing managed ICT networks for schools with their Community Connect series of products.

As a licensed partner of RM we are fully endorsed and supported to run RM CC3 and CC4 networks.  Our staff have many years experience installing, configuring and maintaining RM networks, some of whom have worked on CC3 & CC4 since it's earliest days so there isn't much they haven't seen.

If you have a preference to run an RM Community Connect network at your school we're very happy to support it - the following are just some of the RM specific services we provide

  • Full Migration from CC3 to CC4
  • Software Package Building
  • Elementary ICT Training Courses
  • Certified RM Training Courses
  • Discounted RM Seminars
  • Escalation of issues to RM on behalf of your school


  • Every day tasks can be easily managed by non-technical staff
  • Continuously developed specifically for an education setting for over 25 years
  • The PC user environment is familiar to teaching staff throughout the UK


  • Additional RM licencing increases costs when compared to a Vanilla network
  • Automated PC builds can take significantly longer than other solutions to complete
  • Packing software for automated install requires skills your school may not possess